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The Importance Of A Hair Care Routine

Updated: May 19, 2023

Hair Care Routine

Maintaining a hair care routine, whether daily or weekly, can be a long, tedious process, but it has its rewards. Having a hair care routine is more than what you do in the morning before you head out the door; it’s a lifestyle. If done right, a hair care routine can lead to healthy hair that grows. Every woman wants to look her best with minimal effort, and keeping a hair routine assists with that. Here are some tips you can implement.

1. Deep condition your hair, often.

Dry hair is the cause of breakage and split ends. You want to deep condition your hair at least once every two weeks based on the current state of your hair. If your hair is severely damaged, then you would want to consider a hydration treatment. Hair that is conditioned is easier to manage and maintain.

2. Trim your ends.

To prevent further damage from split ends and to promote healthy hair growth, it is crucial to make sure you trim your hair ideally at least once every six months.

3. Silk is your friend.

Bedtime is a time in which we are comfy and relaxed. Thinking about our hair is the last thing on our minds, but you do want to make sure your tresses are protected. By wrapping your hair in a silk bonnet or sleep on a silk pillow, you protect your hair from damage and breakage.

4. Your scalp needs TLC too.

People tend to focus so much on the strands of their hair but neglect their scalp. Making sure your scalp is adequately oiled can help your hair to grow.


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