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The Benefits of Amino Acids for Your Hair

Updated: May 19, 2023

Amino acids should be incorporated into your hair care routine to increase moisture and shine. Moisture retention is extremely important when it comes to maintaining healthy natural hair. In this article, learn the many benefits amino acids can provide for your hair and skin.

These days, the beauty ingredient collagen is everywhere and something you should look for. Collagen is made of amino acids, which is why it has its reputation for promoting hair, skin, and nail health and growth. The amino acids in collagen build up your hair proteins and strengthen the skin surrounding your hair roots.

Hair-care products containing amino acids are gentle on your hair and scalp. Amino acid-based soaps cleanse while maintaining your natural pH level, whereas alkaline soaps can increase your pH levels, leading to rough, dry skin and hair.

Master Hairstylist Chavela Hill

Additionally, amino acid-based products protect your hair cuticles, the outermost part of the hair, from breakage. This prevents split ends and encourages length retention.

Plus, if you are looking for an alternative to relaxing your hair, another option is to get an amino acid hair treatment. This treatment consists of amino acids and white clay that work to straighten hair naturally without the use of harmful chemicals. These treatments have been proven to reduce curl retention by 80%. Tight curls will appear 50% looser post-treatment, and slightly wavy hair can become completely straight.

Your hair can significantly benefit in health and appearance by utilizing amino acid-based products and even by taking a collagen supplement.

Considering an amino acid treatment for your hair? Schedule an appointment today by texting 'BEYOND' to 866-220-0337. I look forward to helping you grow healthy and luxurious hair.


Chavela Hill

Master Stylist -Beyond Shears Hair Studio

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